Meditation – Being In The Present Moment, With Total Awareness

If one is really keen to know what is meditation? Then this is the essence – “Being present in the moment devoid of any clinging to the past and future happenings.” Although meditation is beyond expression but still down the ages masters and mystics have tried their best to articulate the essence of meditation. So that it can appease the appetite of intellect to make one ready for the inner journey.

Life is fleeting away and every moment is as crucial as is breathing. But neither is one aware of the breathing nor the moment. And you will be surprised to know that these two seemingly not so important phenomena are the milestones of meditation.

When one is aware of the breathing i.e. inhalation and exhalation, in essence one is doing meditation. And when one integrates the wandering thoughts from all over the world to one single moment i.e. NOW moment, then that too is meditation. The best part is that for a sincere seeker these can prove to be the most powerful meditation techniques How to Be Guided in the Present Moment . To an extent that one need not even follow any other guided meditation technique in whole span of life. But the pre-requisite is the sincerity, determination and steadiness.

At each moment in our daily lives, we have an unprecedented opportunity. Generations before us did not have this blessing of spiritual awareness that is available today. Humanity as a whole is awakening, and we are actively participating in this process even if we are not consciously aware of it.

One of the simplest and most profound of spiritual teachings asks us to be in the present moment. This is an ancient teaching, and today has even greater meaning. With the advent of global telecommunication, daily life can be full or even stretched to capacity with communication, tasks and events to deal with. How then are we to remain centered, guided spiritually, and present to God’s love in the midst of such a rapidly changing landscape?

Today’s meditation practice can no longer be separated from the events of daily life. The serious nature of the times we live in now requires us to be fully in life, and present to address the many challenges we all face. Though it continues to be helpful to consciously set aside a few minutes of silent, contemplative time each day, our lives are asking that we carry this contemplative awareness more fully into our daily lives.

A regular meditation or prayer practice trains the mind and the body to create space around habitual and reactive mental patterns that keep us separate from God’s love. Meditation is profoundly useful for purification and freeing oneself from negative of self defeating patterns. Even five minutes a day of meditation can refresh the body, mind and spirit, and can even transform difficult experiences.

To take this one step further, allow your entire day to be a meditation and a prayer. This is not meant as drudgery but as joyful freedom. How do you do such a thing? It starts simply with awareness first, and the intention that you become closer to God throughout your day.

Today, as you go about the affairs of your daily life, notice how God is guiding you. What thoughts and feelings are present within you? What events come into your day unexpectedly? What challenges do you face? How do you respond to your fellow souls that share this Earth with you? Notice the opportunities God offers to share love with others. Do you joyfully embrace these opportunities, or turn a deaf ear because you are busy with other things?

Each day and each moment is a spiritual teaching. God is constantly revealing how we can love more, how we can learn more about ourselves and the Divine. God speaks in each moment, even if we do not think we can hear. The voice of spirit lives within our bodies, our hearts, our minds and our consciousness. Each day is a blessing that is given to us freely. What we do with this blessing has a profound impact on the others around us, on our loved ones, families, friends, and the larger network of human consciousness that we are a part of.

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In presentation skills training, experts explain exactly the difference between being the best and being the hero. This distinction eludes many professionals. But the distinction is critically important-if you want to achieve top results.

Being the best is something we learn in school. Who doesn’t want to get top grades, get recognition, and be at the top of the class? Yet, when you leave school and start working, being the best may not be your best bet.

Here’s why. Being the best shows that you’re smart, determined and know your subject back to front. But it doesn’t really show that you know what’s important when relating to customers.

Some customers may be put off with a slick, polished performance. They want someone who relates to their real-world problems. They will listen to a sales professional who talks their language-not talks over their heads.

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1. Decide What’s Important
In sales communications, what’s truly important? Is it showing that you’re smart? Is it showing off all you know about your topic or subject matter expertise?

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