Becoming a Housekeeper: The Basics

A busy family on the Upper East Side must hire a part-time агенция София домоуправител. These service providers are essential when you are unable to spend every waking minute of your week at work. The majority of housekeeper services offer flexible hours of operation and normally do not require a contract of any kind. Responsibilities include: heavy cleaning, ironing, and other light cooking and /or light laundry.

For your convenience, let us assume you are willing to have a housekeeper for one evening a week, to tend to your laundry. What are the pros and cons of this arrangement? There are plenty! First, let’s look at the pros. If you have a clean home, you save time.

Housekeepers usually begin by vacuuming, dusting, cleaning ovens, stove, refrigerator, and microwave. They then move on to washing windows, dusting furniture, blinds, floors, and kitchen. In addition to their laundry and general household tasks, housekeepers will often help with quick kitchen pickups (to eliminate that “fresh out of the oven” smell), and set up a breakfast table so you have a quick start each morning. Because most housekeepers live in the neighborhoods surrounding your apartment, if you live in the New York City area, chances are good that a housekeeper will be available for an immediate start!

Many part time housekeepers live on the Upper East Side (evilly at Eastchester Crossing) and may work in the neighboring brownstones, townhouses, apartment buildings, or other privately owned homes. Part time housekeepers are paid hourly, and the exact number of hours may vary depending on what you have contracted them to do, and the housekeeper you choose. Most professional housekeepers will double and triple their time during the week, depending on what the market dictates. On the Upper East Side and near the subway system, many housekeepers will even work at odd hours on weekend nights.

Cleaners are not contract workers; however, like housekeepers, cleaners are usually paid hourly and are very versatile. Cleaners are often needed for events such as weddings, proms, concerts, open houses, charity events, graduations, or opening of a new business. A butler may be needed to cater and assist at a wedding reception, or clean the first floor of a newly constructed business.

Most household chores are not the responsibility of a housekeeper but must be completed within the designated times. Cleaning of the windows and floors is the responsibility of the housekeeper, while maintaining the lawn, yard, and shrubbery. Maintenance of the kitchen and bathroom is the responsibility of the chef and cleaning the daily supplies. Some areas have housekeeping duties included as part of the general home maintenance; others have a different service required depending upon the size and general conditions of the community. For example, a rural community may require daily lawn upkeep, whereas a suburban community may need a deep cleaning of windows, cleaning the bathrooms after every use, and weekly vacuuming.

Housekeepers are generally hired on a temporary or part-time basis. A housekeeper’s duties will depend upon the specific needs of the household staff. In many cases, the housekeeper is responsible for cleaning and general upkeep of the premises, but may be required to prepare meals and perform other small tasks such as light housekeeping and laundry. A housekeeper will not be able to perform tasks that require specialized training or extensive experience, so hiring a domestic helper can be an ideal way to provide household staff with an extra pair of hands. Housekeepers are sometimes available on an on-call basis, especially during the school holidays.

It is possible to find employment through an agency offering services to housekeepers, but it is important to remember that most housekeeping agencies operate on a cost-based basis. As such, housekeepers are usually paid per hour. In order to qualify for employment with an agency, it is necessary to supply details about your household duties, including how long you spend performing them, and any special skills you have. You should also ensure that your references are included in any application you send out to agencies offering housekeeping services. Finally, it is a good idea to keep up with your job profile on a regular basis, as it can help you get a better-than-average rate.

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