Text Slangs: What Does Ofc Mean?

You know what does ofc mean? Perhaps you’ve seen it on an email that was sent in response to an email. That’s right, “of course” is the word of the day! This online slang term basically means of course.

Of course, using ofc stands for “of course.” In other words, whenever you hear someone make an observation, statement or even inference, you can rest assured that its definitely an ofc. Using ofc in conversations basically refers back to the days of our English ancestors, who typically used the word “of course.” Of course, today using ofc doesn’t carry the same meaning as it did then, because it was once used to express an assumption, rather than an intentional statement. Of course, today, people tend to use ofc to make a pretty direct suggestion, which is pretty different from how it was used in the past what does ofc mean .

What does ofc stand for, then, if we take our cue from our English ancestors? Well, one theory is that using ofc stands for “when.” After all, if we look back at some of the most common texts written in English, such as the Bible, we can see that people were writing about things as random ideas, events and occurrences, as opposed to carefully planned out sermons and messages. So obviously, in those texts, when someone mentions the future, they may be referring to a specific event that is yet to happen. In other words, using ofc is slang for when.

Another possible origin of the use ofc comes from the use of acronyms in military texts and communications. As one might expect, in those days, acronyms were fairly common, as was the use of what does ofc for reference. Thus, if we look back at how military units communicate now, it’s clear that those acronyms are still in use, but not nearly as often as they were in years past how many ounces in a pint .

If you’re in the habit of texting others while you’re on the phone, keep in mind that you may have come across what does ofc directly before: SOS alerts, which refer to text messaging emergency services. Texting ofc now comes across as a bit of a surprise to many people, but there’s no reason to feel bad – after all, what does ofc really mean is “so and so.” In fact, it’s used so often in messaging that it has even replaced the term “SOS.” For some people, texting ofc now refers to texting a friend or family member with important data, information, or news, and it also can help people notify others of their location while they are away from their phones.

So what does ofc mean? In short, it can mean a lot of things. However, if you’re going to start using texting slangs, remember that there’s a reason it’s abbreviated (it sounds silly), and that abbreviations and acronyms are used because they are useful. In other words, when you text someone an “S”, you’re telling them what you’re doing, what your address is, or where you are, but you’re also using a slang so that you can send the text across instead of having to type it in all the time.

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