Roulette Odds – What You Need to Learn

If you are looking at getting involved in playing Roulette at a casino, either online or offline, there are some important variations on the odds and payouts that you need to know pkvgames in order to make the most of your game. These can vary between the three different roulette types (American, European and French) and offer you different win chances at different establishments.

The first and sometimes only thing you really need to consider when deciding which roulette game to play is what advantage the house will have over you in any given situation. As roulette is entirely dependent upon random number selection for its payout probability, the greatest leverage you can give yourself is by selecting the table that offers you the best chances possible to realize a return on investment.

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American roulette is generally considered the worst possible game to choose from, as it offers the lowest payout probability of any game on the market. This is because the inclusion of both the 0 and the 00 raises the odds in favor of the house to 5.26% (assuming you bet on a red, black, odd, even, high or low outside bet that will pay 1:1 and have a 50% chance of winning if a green is not selected.) That means the best chance you can have of winning overall is actually 47.37% (the 50% chance of a red, black, odd, even, high or low, less the probability of a green.) European roulette offers you a better probability of winning, as there is only one 0, which means the house only has a 2.7% chance of winning, while French roulette, which pays back half of your wager if the one 0 is selected, offers you the greatest chance of winning, with the odds in favor of the house at a mere 1.35%

Once you have determined which table to play at, the next step is to decide how to place your money. As American tables, even though they offer the worst possible odds, are the most common table available in the U.S., let us consider them:

With a bet on a red, black, odd, even, high or low area while the payout is only 1:1, the odds of you walking away successful are actually as high as 47.11%, offering you the greatest opportunity to realize a return on investment. A wager on the “dozens” (1-12, 13-24, 25-36,) or one of the three columns, offers a slightly lower chance of winning at 31.58%, however they also provide a higher payout of 2:1. In money terms, this means you can expect to retain 94.22% of your money by wagering on one of the first group of numbers while you can expect up to a 94.74% return by wagering on the second. While other wagers may come close, these offer the greatest possible return on investment over time compared to other wagers, and as such, should be your primary concern at the table, rather than the 35:1 payout if you happen to get lucky and win big on one number in particular.

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