10 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Bidet Toilet Seat

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the bidet toilet seat. I can honestly say that it’s the single best home improvement I’ve ever made. It’s consistently the one thing I miss the most when traveling, and it’s the part of my house I’m most excited to show my house guests. Why so much excitement over a toilet 토토핫 seat? I present my very important list of reason why you need a bidet seat:

  1. A bidet seat will help you feel clean all day. Think about this for a minute: If you somehow got poop on your hands, would you be satisfied by just wiping it off with a piece of toilet paper and going about your day? No way. You’d be disgusted, and you’d immediately wash your hand with soap and water. Why should your butt be any different? By wiping yourself with dry toilet paper after defecating, you’re really just smearing poop into tiny crevices around your anus, and allowing it to stew all day. Sure, it’s likely that no one else is going to get very close to that part of your body before you shower again, but you never know… And depending on how much you sweat and your body chemistry, that area can begin to smell even more than it should, and then you’ll begin to feel self conscious. Cleansing yourself with a bidet seat after pooping will remove everything, and you’ll feel fresh and clean, with no smell whatsoever.
  2. A good quality bidet seat with an “enema mode” can really help when you’re constipated. If you’re constipated, a bidet seat with enema mode will help loosen things up and make you regular again. No more straining and bursting a blood vessel. You’ll also have less risk of developing hemorrhoids.
  3. If you have hemorrhoids, you’ll welcome the warm, gentle spray of a bidet seat. This can help your hemorrhoids heal faster, and you’ll stay cleaner. And many seats offer pulsating, oscillating, or massaging spray modes – awesome relief when you’re feeling discomfort and burning.
  4. Cleaning up after sex just got easier. Women will appreciate the ability to quickly and very comfortably clean themselves after sexual activity. Just sit down, press a button, and immediately feel clean and fresh.
  5. Women will feel fresher during their periods. Simply sit down on your bidet seat anytime for a quick and easy cleaning, and feel immediately fresher.
  6. Save toilet paper, and the environment. You won’t believe how little toilet paper you’ll use after install your bidet seat. Once you begin using water to clean up, you’ll only need a small piece of paper to dry yourself, and that’s only if you choose not to use the integrated air dryer.
  7. Say goodbye to the cold toilet seat on winter mornings. Imagine sitting down on a warm, inviting seat every morning. If you’re anything like me, you’ll smile every day when you feel the warm seat (usually adjustable from warm to hot on most seats) after getting out of bed. There’s nothing like it.
  8. No more loud noise from a closing seats. Most bidet seats include a soft-close mechanism, which means you’ll never drop the seat and make a loud noise. Just flip the seat closed with your finger, and it will slowly fall down on its own, noise free.
  9. Minimize odor in the bathroom. A handful of the high-line bidet seats have integrated air filters which suck smelly air right out of the bowl and pass it through a odor-removing carbon filter. No more embarrassing bathroom smells!
  10. Impress your friends. Like you, most of your friends will be a little apprehensive about the concept of a bidet seat, since they’ve probably never used one before. But give them a chance to try it, and you’ll be a star. Trust me.

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