Choosing A Fabric For Your Bed Linen

With so much time spent in bed, it makes sense to value your bedroom as more than just furniture in a room. You’ve designed your bedroom to look just the way you want with relaxing colours, matching curtains and warm carpet for those cold mornings. You’ve found the best mattress with a comfortable pillow-top, a nice wooden headboard with matching side tables and dresser. All the colours are picked out and you’re just about to pick up some bed linen to complete the room.

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Wait! This is a decision about one of the most important parts of your room. It isn’t just color you need to think about – what kind of fabric are you choosing for your bed linen? Different fabrics are made completely differently, some irritate sensitive skin, and others breathe better on hot nights Silk Bedding . Choosing the right bed linen is as important for feel as it is for color. Choose what’s right for you by comparing some of the different qualities in available bed linen fabrics.

Sateen sheets are weaved to have more yarn exposed, giving them a soft feel. Like your standard sheet made from cotton, they are more gentle (feeling more like satin sheets) because of the way they are made. While having a similar feel, they are more durable than satin although some people find the material irritating on the skin. Unlike satin, sateen does not breathe and will leave you hot and sweaty, making it a poor choice in linen for warmer months or climates.

Cotton is the standard choice that people buy. Some don’t realise, but cotton sheets are graded by thread count. Cotton is the most durable and versatile fabric, two of the reasons it is so popular. Cheap cotton sheets (sets bought around the $30 mark) usually have a low thread count between 140 – 180, but Egyptian cotton sheets (which can cost up to $500 in some cases!) have a thread count of 400 and above. These high quality sheets feel great on the skin and still use the standard weave to retain durability.

Silk sheets are considered by some to be the most beneficial bed linen fabric because of the silk’s hypoallergenic qualities, especially when they are 100% Mulberry silk. Silk conforms to the body, making it nice and cozy for winter, and the fabric is breathable to keep you cool over summer. You definitely won’t be picking up 100% Mulberry silk sheets for the same price as a cheap cotton linen set, but at around the $500 mark you aren’t paying more than what you would for a nice set of Egyptian cotton sheets.

There is no ‘best linen type’ for you to look for; bed linen choice is based entirely on personal preference. Find what feels best to you, but make sure you invest in some quality linen. The difference to your time spent in bed will be dramatic and well worth the cost.

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