If you or somebody you know generally enjoy the morbid side? If so then treat yourself or that person to this popular metal skull wall art. The contemporary style serves a practical function with ornately designed hooks designed to secure leather jackets, coats, and other items: look at the twisted metal designs that compliment the black leather. The more macabre, twisted designs evoke thoughts of Gothic horror films and bring to mind scenes from the theatre. You’ll see this type of skull artwork incorporated into art as a permanent fixture in many homes, especially in goth-friendly environments such as hospitals and hospice. Metal Wall Art Creative Handmade Leaves, Nature Home Art  Decoration & Modern Light Luxury Kitchen Gifts for Study Living Room  Bedroom Artwork Hotel Decor Indoor Outdoor … : Home & Kitchen

This skull type of wall art can be found in many shapes, sizes, and colors so you’re sure to find something you like. Icons that come to mind include: an oversized skull, a smiling skull, an angelic skull, a dagger attached to a chain, an upside down skull, a flapper (or flirtatious skull) holding up a sign, a cigarette case with a skull and crossbones motif, and a hand held gun often resting against a wall metal wall art . You may also want to choose pieces that go well together or contrast with each other: a giant skull may contrast with a Gothic wall clock, for example. Decorating with these type of skull wall decor is an easy project that utilizes your basic tools and home decoration items: paint, wall paper, markers, scissors, wire, glue, stencils, and acrylic paints.

There is definitely nothing spooky or ghoulish about these types of metal wall art, but there is certainly no shortage of macabre themes. Some examples of these would be: a skull and crossbones love spell, a demonic skull and lion, and even a skull with a violin and piano cover. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. One final note: some wall art is not really metal at all; it’s made from a sheet of colored paper or fabric that is draped over a frame made of wood, plastic, or metal. These designs are just as stunning, if not moreso, than their metal counterparts!

Metal Wall Art and Decorations

A great collection of big metal wall art includes multi-piece pieces made to appear as varied as the metal used in the construction of the piece. Meaning you can have more than just one piece hanging on your wall to complement the existing decor. For instance, Freedom metal-walled wall art has four or eight birds on each panel in a scene of freedom.

The above example is but one use of metal wall art and decorations. The possibilities with this type of decor are almost unlimited. One thing you will want to keep in mind is to make sure the wall art and decorations to complement the style of the furniture you are using in the room. You can do this by simply taking out the old furniture and replacing it with new pieces that have the same decor as the new furniture.

In addition to using metal wall signs and decoration, another option for adding some decor to a room is using metal wall sign frames. A good way to add some variation to the design of your walls without replacing furniture is to use metal wall sign frames. If you like the idea of having a few different styles of frames to compliment your walls, you can find several different types online to choose from, all made to fit any decorating style.

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