Versatility and Imagination is the Key to Successful Direct Mail, Here Are 5 Creative Pop-Up Mailers

Designing a successful direct mail campaign can be a tricky business at the best of times but when times are hard – as in the current economic downturn – it is essential that your marketing efforts are made to work for your company.

First of all, it is vitally important that you choose a theme that is imaginative, innovative and eye-catching; otherwise your mailing piece will end up unnoticed and discarded. Budgets have to be taken into account and every penny must be made to work on your behalf.

One type of product that seems to bring successful results (according to web searches) comes under the banner of “dimensional marketing” and that product is a pop-up mailer. The cost of producing a bespoke pop-up mailer is relatively inexpensive and the product offers many plus points – not least of which is its versatility.

Pop-up Mailers are available from specialist suppliers throughout Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. These suppliers are mainly printers with cardboard engineering and paper engineering skills. Let’s take a look at some typical product examples. These pop-up mailers are fairly common shapes but each one offers a level of versatility that, with some imagination, enables the mailers to bend to your campaign custom printed mailer boxes near me .

Versatile Pop-Up Cubes are Great for Direct Mail Campaigns as Calendars and Pen Holders

The Pop-up Cube is a very popular automatic pop-up product. It offers plenty of room for promotional print; it has an attractive mailing pack, a lively pop-up action and can be made, for example, as a calendar or as a pen holder. Pop-up cubes are typically available in a variety of sizes ranging from 65 x 65 x 65mm to 120 x 120 x 120mm and they are usually custom printed in full colour on 500micron board.

Pop-up Cuboid can be a Pop-up Box or a Pop-up Money Box

The pop-up cuboid can be designed in a variety of shapes to match your marketing idea and has been produced to represent many different types of product packaging such as a cornflakes box, a shoe box or a box to carry electrical appliances. However, its versatility allows the transformation into a coin collection or money box when manufacturers have added a coin slot to one surface. As with other examples profiled here, the pop-up cuboid has an automatic pop-up action, powered by an internal rubber band.

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