Credibility is King

The dictionary meaning of the word Credibility is “the quality of being believable or trustworthy”. Being able to trust a particular brand or product or even person goes a long way in establishing business relationships.

In today’s world of scamsters, cheaters, thieves and crooks earning someone’s trust is a very difficult task especially if you work at home or have a home business.

Haven’t you noticed how we, as consumers, tend to zero in on one particular brand or department store for our needs? This is because that particular establishment built credibility in our minds. We know we can trust their business and their product.

If you are a web business owner working from home then establishing credibility is very essential for you. You know you are legitimate, you know you are honest and good but the people visiting the website don’t know that. You don’t have an actual physical location so the problem of credibility becomes all the more difficult. Your first job then is to bring credibility to you rather than you go looking for credibility.

Start with ensuring that you are skilled and an expert, in your specific profession. This mastery in your field will help people build trust in you and your business. Once your client believes in you, your credibility goes up and your business expands through referrals.

Consistency is very essential in a home business. Don’t change terms and conditions on a whim; ensure you provide quality service before, during and after sales so that the client know you care. Being credible requires being consistent with whatever you have taken on.

Building credibility means

o Accepting full responsibility for breach in service of any kind
o Being receptive to customer requirements
o Be accountable
o Strictly adhere to your deadlines

You have to increase your visibility in the world of Internet and make sure that you are heard. For this, you can join various social media sites, have a blog of your own and post articles and informative snippets wherever possible.

After you are seen around and read about, your credibility will improve and people will start accepting and trusting your knowledge. Their trust in you will increase which will help convert them into clients or customers.

Testimonials are another way of boosting your credibility. Install systems where you find you can get unsolicited feedback from happy customers. Get their permission to publish these on your website so that visitors can read them. This also serves to improve your credibility.

Be open about your address and phone number and be easily contactable. This tells a prospective client that you are very much around. You know how you felt when your email or phone call went unanswered right? Ditto your customers who want to feel your availability.

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