3 Different ways of towing a vehicle

If you don’t know what towing is. Towing is when you move a vehicle using the help of another vehicle. Loading the car on the truck is a difficult process that should be done under all the safety measures.

Towing a trailer: Everything you need to know - Roadshow

San Jose commercial towing is known to be the hardest of all because, in this, vehicles with a weight of 17000 lbs are transported in a big truck. A little disbalance and things can go south.

Here are the three towing options you can use when towing a vehicle;

1. Flatbed towing

This is probably the safest way of towing a car and transporting it to the destination. This type of towing involves customs vans and trailers to which the car is rolled up. These are the safest way to transport because all four wheels are off the ground and secured on back the back of the van.

With the car on the bed, the towing vehicle can drive normally without having to worry about the car falling out of the bed. The only drawback about this method is that a specialist vehicle is needed which means more operating costs.

2. Two-wheel dolly towing

This method costs less than the method mentioned above. This method is usually used by almost all towing companies. It’s when the tow truck hitches the vehicle’s front wheels pulling it off of the ground and towing it. It’s a very simple method and any standard tow truck can do this.

But vehicles like motorbikes cannot be towed. Another drawback is that the back wheels are still on the ground meaning that they can get damaged easily.

3. Flat tow bar towing

This is the cheapest towing method you’ll ever come across. This method can be used by any car. There are multiple forms of it. You will be self-aligning rigs that allow the car to line up with the towing vehicle. It’s a very simple way but can cause accidents. To prevent those accidents, you should always keep your car at a low speed.

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