Smart Phones Surpassing PDAs

Smart phones have taken the world by storm. There was a time when a phone was just a phone that simply allowed you to talk with someone that wasn’t in your presence. As technology has become more compact, so have the capabilities of the communication devices.

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Most phones that are on the market have some smart phone capabilities Mi 11X. There are calendars, address books, and games. The true smart phones take the laptop and put it into a portable system.

1. E-mail. Many allow the use of the internet (often through a VOIP server) to allow the user to stay connected even when phone service is not an option.

2. PDF and spreadsheets. There is some serious power in the palm of your hand, especially in the newer smart phones. Not only can you down load important documents using the phone, but many come with a keyboard that actually allows you to work in the phone.

3. Expanded PIM information. Not only do these phones offer a calendar and address book, but they allow for to-do lists, automatic notices to remind the user of important dates, and contact list to keep up with important people and companies.

What is most surprising about the smart phone industry is how much it has already accomplished is such a short time. Most experts consider smart phones to only be in their infancy. Still, there is already so much that can be accomplished with these compact units. It almost boggles the mind that there is so much more potential in the technology that smart phones are utilizing to make using them easier, faster, and more efficient.

The smart phones may still have a little perfecting and improvement that needs to be done before they push the PDAs off the top of the mountain, but they are not far from being crowned king of the communication competition.

Kathryn Lang is a freelance writer covering the office telecoms industry. She has written various articles on Smart phones [] and Smart phones news [].

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