Yahoo! And Forum Answers, Similar Methods for Increasing Your Traffic

Some would consider the tactics that I intend to discuss in today’s note as gray hat, however, there is nothing specifically illegal about the tactics, but you are being just a little sneaky. The technique used to execute these procedures is in fact very similar between the two methods. the main differences being just the platform onto which you are applying the technique. the form of signature, as well as the warmup process to apply the signatures. Both platforms require that you prepare yourself with multiple profiles and multiple signatures. Having more than one website to send your anchor text to would be advisable as well Black hat forum.

The Forum marketing procedure is a simple, straight forward process.

First go to the big board and other forum boards in your niche market and sign up using an alias unique to that forum. Register activate and log in to your profile and start responding to posts create a generic signature linking to a site that is not your central linking objective, in case some early rookie mistakes get you flagged as a spammer.

Write your first posts, and more if you have to meet a minimum requirement for a given forum. Some sites will include your signature automatically, others will give you an option to include it. Make sure you don’t post on a sticky post, and that there are only a few replies preceding yours. This will help to ensure that the post will trail off in a short period of time. Record all of your postings on a spreadsheet. After two weeks, return to your initial posts and update your signature to one that uses one of your keywords as an anchor text link back to your site. Save your signature, and move on to another forum. Then repeat the process with several Forums. Take care to comment relevantly and intelligently where you post, to try to ensure that you are not reported for having your site in your signature. That is the reason you are waiting two weeks to change your signature link, so that the link is deeply buried and you won’t get flagged as a spammer.

Yahoo! Answers marketing involves a similar process. You are going to simply post relevant, accurate answers to questions posted within the keyword framework of your niche for a given website. Except you are going to either create and answer questions, or just answer questions based on keywords in your target niche. Bottom line is you are including your website in the source box under the content of your comment, using your raw URL, while the answer itself contains keyword phrases relevant to the niche and keyword phrase group you have found to promote your site.

You can answer your own questions by setting up two accounts and posting from one IP and answering with another profile from another IP. However, I prefer the method of just providing relevant and helpful answers to keyword specific questions. Under the question generation and answer category, which some consider either grey or black hat, you will have to not only create multiple accounts, but answer from different wireless locations, in order to disguise your IP identity. The experts recommend disguising the answers by answering a number of posts using that signature. I prefer to use multiple personalities across multiple profiles and answer multiple questions posted by other users of Yahoo answers, using URLs that link both to my website and affiliate offers, in unique responses. I learned this technique from the creators of one of my affiliate offers, as well as learning how to use software to enhance this effort.

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