Why A Cinderella-Like Fairy Tale Becomes A Sad Sex Story

I do not often watch the show, The Bachelor. At times, due to curiosity, I click on the “news” website link to see which lucky lady was picked up this time.

It seems like there was some controversy on the last show over the “winner”, a confirmed bad girl named Vienna. It is probably because those women who followed the show closely wondered why the bachelor, an airline pilot, a self-obsessed guy who is not particularly attractive, picked Vienna literotica.

Anyway what came later did not surprise me when I saw a CNN article saying they split up.

Here is the interesting thing. When they fist got together they were just gaga over each other, with her giggling over how he prepared for her a hot bath every night and whispered sweet words into her ears. To most people, they were the perfect couple and their love should last forever.

It is worthwhile to Google about the show to see their initial statements because they are overblown and despite this, a lot of people choose to believe about their “mutual attraction”.

How could it go wrong so fast to become another sad sexy story? The answer is – he may be able to create initial attraction mostly based on the set up of the show, but he is not able to sustain his attraction.

Initial attraction has nothing to do with sustaining attraction except for the fact it must exist first. However as time goes on, how you feel in the beginning has no bearing on how you feel in the future.

Initial attraction fades and what is left is what is most important. That is why right from the beginning; a guy has to choose the right woman that is suitable for him in order to have a long-lasting relationship.

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