The House Directory Doesn’t Work and Will Tell You So

If you have ever wanted to get into a certain location, such as a small rural area, then it would make good sense to go on the internet and look up a house directory of that location. By doing this you can see what houses are for sale within that vicinity. You can also learn what other people are selling their houses for and maybe do some research into the neighborhood. If you don’t mind driving around a bit then this is an easy way to find something.

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The Sober House Directory was launched in mid-2021 with a plan to bring a national directory over the entire country compiling up all the sober house listings in every state from every state. The website is still in beta stage but already is making a great impact on the online housing world. It will eventually contain more than just sober homes but also real estate information on things like foreclosure notices and local auctions Halfway house.

Right now there are only eleven so called “sober living houses” listed. But soon there will be many more added to the list. In fact, I am expecting that there will be quite a large number of outcomes study results. This is because so many more people are looking for a new home than ever before. More than half of all homeowners are looking for a new house now.

Currently the outcomes study only lists five states that have any real recovery houses listed: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, and New Jersey. The other states are not really relevant because they don’t have a lot of available houses for sale. Only Arizona and Hawaii have any cleanups taking place. Obviously if there were more cleanups taking place then there would be more available sober living homes for sale.

Since the outcome of the outcomes study does not list cleanups in any state other than California, it is going to be extremely difficult for anyone searching the internet to find an available house for them in those states. Therefore the chances of finding a house that fits your needs for a clean and sober life are slim. You can eliminate ninety-seven percent of the recovery outcomes by simply searching for “sober living houses” in your local area.

There are many reasons why you should avoid looking for sober living house listings in the House Directory. The most important reason is that it doesn’t work. The 12 step program works. The more scientific studies that have been done to confirm that this program works. It has nothing to do with the House Directory or any other web site that tries to sell you recovery “therapy”.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that if you want to stop drinking then you don’t need to look at the outcomes study in any sober living community. You just need to look at your own behavior and decide what part of your behavior makes you alcoholic. It could be anything from your family background to being around alcohol every day in your work environment. If you find out what it is then you need to change your behavior. I have seen people who take all the House Training in the book and go out and get drunk every night at the bar. Those people never stopped drinking because they had the House Training.

You will have to use your own discretion when looking for a house in sobriety. The House Directory may be able to point you in the right direction but it is not for the average person. You should use a personal computer with internet access to find a sober living home that suits your needs. Most of these homes offer intensive counseling and are very affordable.

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