Residency Checks for Colleges

There are different situations in which a residency check may be important to you. One of these situations is in regards to going to college. If you apply to certain colleges, such as a local or community college, you may be required to be a resident to attend or there may be additional fees for you if you are not a resident. Because of this, many colleges conduct residency checks to verify where the members live.

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If you apply for a college and you are asked if you are a resident, it is important to be honest as they will likely use residency checks to ensure you really do live where you say that you live. More and more colleges are now taking a stricter policy on residency than they did in the past. Many of them are even spending days and days of investigative work pouring over student records in order to help confirm the residency status of all of the students currently enrolled.

One of the reasons for the review and residency checks is to flag the undocumented immigrant students who are often allowed to pay in-state tuition rates at many schools. In addition to this, there are often legal residents of the United States but students who are not legal residents of the state in which they are applying for college who will use this to try to avoid paying out of state fees and tuitions Ki Residences.

They may say they are living with a friend or family member in order to get the in-state tuition rates but this is technically a fraudulent practice. In can cost the school money, the state money and even the tax payers money. If it is discovered that you are enrolled in a school on false residency, you can be removed from the school and in many cases, even be charged with criminal charges of fraud.

The main concern or issue with this for colleges is that there could be a number of college students getting benefits that they are not actually eligible to receive. This costs money for everyone involved and it is unfair to the people who could qualify for the benefits legally and may be passed up due to the others who get it based on fraud.

This is why more and more schools and colleges are now using residency checks as a method of verifying that students really are where they say they are from. All colleges have their own methods of proving identity and residency. There are three main options for proving identity. These are as a US citizen, as a nonresident alien and as a lawful permanent resident.

The school can then use the information you have documented by one of these sources to help determine whether or not the applying person is an actual resident. Unless certain regulations change, there would be no way to know if a student was lying about their residency on their forms. This is why many schools are investing in the time to improve residency checks for their campuses.

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